Our technology platform

Wizlink is built on the proven Microsoft .NET Framework. Allows to automate any application within variety of technologies: Windows, web, MS-DOS, mainframe, VT-100, iSeries, java. Works in:
  • - fat client,
  • - thin client,
  • - teminal emulators (VT100, xterm, IBM 5250, IBM 3270)
  • - MS-DOS applications
  • - remote desktop/Citrix environments
All these under control of single automation solution technology.

Governance, compliance and change management

Wizlink provides large number of controls in place to provide the necessary security and governance, including:
  •  Separation of process modelling environment and process runtime application
  •  Audit trail for process execution.

Infrastructure & security

Wizlink can be run in cloud or on-premise model. Handling both SSO and non-SSO solutions, with or without Active Directory integration. Wizlink does not affect data access rights. It uses only data seen/accessible by user with already granted privileges.

Configuring the process

Wizlink configuration is done using visual editor, no coding needed. The editor itself is designed be used by business users, process analysts or subject matter experts. Editing process in visual environment allow quick overview and understanding of process steps.

Automation technology