Robotic process automation - what's in it for me?

Software 'robot' is a software interacting with the screen user interface (UI) of computer system in the same way that a human would. This is major difference to traditional forms of IT integration based on database, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or common layer (integration bus, middleware, service bus etc.).

Robotic Process Automation makes use of application business logic, hidden behind the UI. Therefore, RPA deployment does not require any knowledge of the system internals (e.g. database structure, APIs). Traditional approach to system integration can't be done without this knowledge.

Software robot is a kind of virtual worker who can be rapidly "trained" (meaning - configured) by a business user. The intention is to provide an agile and configurable capability to non-technical business users in operational departments.

Robotic process automation is workflow oriented and complements business process reengineering. Thus, RPA enables operations departments to self serve.

Reducing process-related costs, increasing speed and improving reliability.

Why not assign your resources where they are most needed? Free them from performing repetitive, manual activities? Your employees may do something much more productive and demanding. Reassigned staff may focus on their business expertise, where technology can not help.

Robotic Process Automation dramatically improves company's operational governance and integrity. So called Virtual Workforce brought by RPA, introduces new kind of low operational risk and high efficiency processing.