Ready-made scenario for downloading documents from PUE ZUS.
You can download it for free.

Downloaded file includes:

  • instructions in Polish explaining how to use the scenario (“Pobieranie_dokumentów_z_PUE_ZUS_instrukcja.pdf” file),
  • ready scenario (“zus_pue_demo_clean.wlnk” file).

The scenario was prepared by the Wizlink team. If you have any additional questions, contact us via e-mail:

Youtube video in which you can see how the scenario works.

* NOTE, just after the publication of our recording showing how the Payer can easily save his time when interacting with ZUS PUE, the Social Insurance Institution introduced changes to the regulations.

In view of the above, we advise you to carefully train your robots 🙂 The regulations are available here: and are valid from July 21, 2020.