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Koło zębate obrazujące automatyzację procesów biznesowych

Robotic Process Automation

  • speeds up business processes and improves their quality
  • frees up employees from performing repetitive tasks and enables better workforce management
  • provides an alternative to traditional and costly system integration
  • helps to reduce operational costs
  • enables quick adaptation to changes in the business environment

Robotic process automation (RPA) in a company involves supporting employees in performing manual, repetitive, and mundane tasks on computer screens. With the help of robots, these tasks can be done faster, more effectively, and without typical human mistakes. This allows employees to have more time for creative or more complex tasks that robots are unable to handle. As a result, the organization improves its productivity and can quickly respond to dynamically changing market conditions.

Robot Wizlink służy do robotyzacji procesów biznesowych w firmach

Using modern technology to increase efficiency is a step that most organizations are taking. Among the modern steps in this regard is the automation and robotization of business processes (RPA). RPA technology makes it possible to replace humans in tasks performed on their computer screens, mainly based on a user interface. As a result, it also allows the transfer of data between different business applications, making it an attractive alternative to traditional and costly integrations between different systems.

Robot Wizlink witający się z organizacją wymagającą automatyzacji procesów biznesowych


Wizlink® is a Polish RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool that helps organizations automate routine tasks such as data entry or copying between applications, filling out forms, or working with documents. Using the tool does not require any changes to the applications it automates. The user creating a scenario for the robot does not interfere with the application code, data structure, or business logic.

Wizlink® communicates with applications through displayed objects, but can also use databases, Excel spreadsheets, web services, text terminals, or others. All within a single scenario. Wizlink® has been designed so that complex technologies are invisible to the user creating the robot through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. As a result, no programming knowledge is required, and it can be used by business people. It is very easy to learn and provides the opportunity for quick gains from automation.

By choosing the Wizlink® tool, you join the group of entities that have trusted Polish technology. Several dozen robots work every day in Polish and foreign companies and organizations.
If you want to start changing your organizations by using software robots, or you are not sure if robotic process automation is for you, please contact our partners. They will help you evaluate the potential of processes, optimize them, advise and prepare selected processes for automation in order to finally develop specific scenarios for robots in Wizlink® tool and, if necessary, with the support of other tools such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or dealing with NLP (Natural Language Processing).


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