Functionalities / Features

Product variant
Licence type
Entry Level Robot
Perfect for

Attended Robot

Full Robot
Virtual team
Wizlink Designer
(designing scenarios for robots and running robots)
Wizlink Runtime
(running robots only)
Maximum no. of scenarios for robots *UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Access to MyWizlink Community
The maximum number of licences of this type for one client1UnlimitedUnlimited
Robot environmentPC     **     **
Laptop     **     **
Server session
Virtual Machine
Connection to Bot Control Center ***
Remote connection to robot ****
Licensing mode availableFixed, statically associated with a specific device
Floating, dynamically controlled by cloud service
Floating, dynamically controlled by Bot Control Center
Price per month in PLN200
Price per month in PLN when paid for 12 months in advance170
* One licence allows to run one scenario at a time. The number of scenarios run one by one is unlimited
** Licence limited to the employee's primary computer only
*** Bot Control Center (robot orchestrator) is under development
**** Using Wizlink Designer or Runtime through remote desktop connection

The licence prices within the test environment constitute 50% of Full Robot standard prices. Maximum number of developer licences: 3 or 20% of the count of base Full Robot licences, whichever is greater.
All prices are quoted net.