Here’s a few words from companies using Wizlink


“Wizlink fits very well with our digital transformation strategy, including business process automation. After the workshops with colleagues from different departments, we decided to build an internal competence center associated with automation. As for the selection of technology, we trusted First Byte, the Polish company, which is the creator of the Wizlink tool for robotic process automation.”

Robert W├│jcicki
Head of the New Technologies and
Data Management Department
Adamed Pharma

“I made friends with the robot because it does the most tedious and repetitive tasks allowing me to focus on more creative activities. In our case, it generates reports based on raw data and sends them daily or weekly to those interested. It generates reports from various systems such as ERP or MES and processes them in Excel to be legible and customized to our needs.
During the training, we created three basic reports that the robot does now. On their basis, I can easily create new tasks for the robot. As a result, the robot may feel a bit used. If it rebels, we will not hesitate to introduce another robot ­čśŐ.”

Krzysztof Kosek
IT Director

“The Wizlink robot helped us control the chaos that prevailed at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were forced to work remotely and resign from the paper documents. Within a few days, First Byte provided us with 3 scenarios for robots, and then trained our employee, who later developed robots independently. Currently, cooperation with the Robot saves our time on tedious and time-consuming processes, which results in the satisfaction of all employees and allows them to develop in other areas.”

Monika Śpiewla


“Due to the unusual requirement of one of our clients, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to integrate our internal system with the Partner’s portal quickly. We chose Wizlink technology, also having in mind the development of our own solution and competition solutions.
What convinced us to Wizlink is the extraordinary approach to the client and great flexibility. A rich initial training package allowed us to develop the integration and create an internal team as an independent support unit, which further allowed us to implement the robot-based solutions in the company.
I can definitely recommend Wizlink to anyone thinking about introducing RPA solutions in the enterprise.”

Michał Włodarczyk
Head of IT
InterEurope AG

“A professional approach to the client, an excellent understanding of our needs resulting in a flexible offer, convinced us to cooperate with WIZLINK. The willingness of the WIZLINK team to share with us their knowledge about creating robots was also very significant. Thanks to the WIZLINK robot, we daily save many hours of tedious and repetitive work, which contributes, of course, in addition to the financial benefit, to raise the morale in the team supported by the robot. Conducted training and support received from WIZLINK allowed us to create a project team that successfully automates the subsequent processes.”

Krzysztof Bieńko
Facility Manager
Prime Cargo

“First Byte developed the first robot, then trained the team, and we made the next robot ourselves. We did not expect that the introduction of robots into our company would be performed so efficiently.”

Bogdan Mazurek