New Wizlink® price list

First Byte, the owner of the Wizlink® brand and tool, would like to inform about price list changes and End User License Agreement, which will apply from August 1, 2022. The price list changes are primarily the licensing simplification by…

Read more about the article Microsoft Ends Support for IE 11 – how it will affect RPA robots

Microsoft Ends Support for IE 11 – how it will affect RPA robots

Internet Explorer, developed by the American company Microsoft, was the most popular web browser in 2003, when it reached about 95% of the market share [1]. It was gradually losing its leading position – in 2010 the popularity of this browser…


Trademark protection right for Wizlink®

First Byte has obtained a protection right for the "Wizlink®" trademark from: - European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and - Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. With the acquired law, First Byte is authorized to display the Wizlink…


Wizlink robots will have more work to do

First Byte, the owner of the Wizlink brand, which creates tools for robotic process automation, is growing rapidly. First Byte has obtained funding from the National Center for Research and Development. This enables the implementation of a plan to expand…


Christmas wishes from Wizlink

Considering the difficult situation for many people, this year we decided to forgo Christmas gifts and allocate this budget for a different purpose ?. This year we did not send cards or Christmas gifts, which we like very much ?.…