Wizlink robots will have more work to do

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  • Post published:2021-11-08

First Byte, the owner of the Wizlink brand, which creates tools for robotic process automation, is growing rapidly. First Byte has obtained funding from the National Center for Research and Development. This enables the implementation of a plan to expand the global reach ofthe flagship Polish RPA tool.
Marcin Borowski – a professional with twenty years of sales experience in the telecommunications and IT industry – has joined the Wizlink team fas a Sales Representative. His task is to strengthen the sales division of the Wizlink brand in Poland.

The RPA market is growing substantially, especially in Poland. Marcin Borowski, who has been dealing with the robotisation from the very beginning of this trend in Poland, will help First Byte in the sales development in the Polish market and partner network expansion. He is convinced that process automation and using innovative technologies is crucial for the economy, the dynamics of the enterprises and the development of institutions.

RPA technology, as exemplified by Wizlink, helps organizations to adapt to change faster. Thanks to the currently available tools, we can automate not only large processes, but also small ones, improving short and local activities of users. This, in turn, allows the management of employees’ time more effectively.” – says Marcin Borowski.

It is a philosophy close to First Byte’s heart. The team, observing the development of technology and the needs of companies, improves Wizlink to effectively support companies in their growth. Meeting these expectations allows us to create an innovative product on a global scale.

In the coming years, companies providing RPA class tools will focus on making robots more reliable and requiring minimal maintenance. This was our original idea and we are just starting to realise it. This will allow us to stand out in the global market and strengthen our position there.” – says Michał Wawiórko, CEO First Byte.

The company received a project called “Self-healing robot. Hybrid team of employees” and funding from the National Center for Research and Development. As representatives of the company stated, the idea for this project was born from the observation of customer needs.

The idea of the works included in the project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development results directly from the observation of the software robots functioning in specific applications. The emerging problems require additional employees’ involvement. Meanwhile, it is possible to prepare a tool for creating and executing robot scenarios so that they can take more responsibility.” – says Kasjan Kajrunajtys, co-creator of Wizlink, and currently Chief Product Officer at First Byte, and adds“During the course of the project, we will develop unique features of Wizlink, which no product can boast of today.”

Wizlink is a Polish RPA tool that allows for the robotisation of processes, significantly improving and accelerating them. The list of benefits resulting from its introduction in the company is long – from lower operating costs to better employee management. The demand for Wizlink is constantly growing – the software is used, among others, in industries such as pharmaceuticals, local government, accounting, logistics, production, consulting and law firms.