Wizlink licensing in practice

Matching the right license to the needs in an organization is critical when it comes to investment costs. Below are the most common cases describing the customer’s business need and the optimal set of Wizlink® licenses to help meet that need.

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Client's need
Licences needed
The robot should perform one or a few simple tasks from time to time. For example, it may be a data transfer from an application to the Excel file, so that it does not have to be done manualy by the employee.
Creation and running a robot on one employee's computer. The employee cannot use the computer while the robot is running. The robot is started by an employee.
1 x Wizlink® Full Robot
In the company HR department there are 3 employees. Many of the activities they perform could be carried out by a robot, thanks to which employees could be delegated to more demanding tasks. Each of HR department employee will be able to run a given scenario according to their needs but they will not be able to modify it. Only one of the employees will be delegated to create scenarios for robots.One Wizlink® Full Robot license running in floating mode will be sufficient. This will allow the robot to be run on each employee's computer, but only one of them will be able to do so at a time.
Creating and modifying scenarios also results in ""consumption"" of the license. Therefore, such activities must be agreed with the employees running the robot.
It is required to provide a machine in the company on which the Wizlink® License Broker server will be installed.
1 x Wizlink® Full Robot (floating)
In the company there is a process which takes several hours because of the large amount of data. Due to organizational conditions, the robot must start automatically 3 times a day.A dedicated environment is needed for the robot to run so that it does not interfere with employees' activities. Creating and then running the robot is done on any Windows session in the cloud, on a computer or virtual machine.
The robot can be run from Windows Scheduler, another external scheduling tool or manually.
It is also possible to run the robot as part of the functionality offered by Wizlink® BCC Connection (recommended).
1 x Wizlink® Full Robot
1 x Wizlink® BCC Connection
There are processes in the company, the execution of which, due to the large and variable amount of data, requires the use of as many as 3 robots. Due to organizational conditions, individual scenarios must be run several times a day. In addition, the effects of one robot are used by another, so there is a need to synchronize the work between them.
Provision is made for one Robot Trainer in the organization
3 robot hosts are required, which are connected to the Wizlink® BCC, in which there are individual executions of the scenarios set in the schedule. The option to conditionally run selected scenarios depending on the execution of previous scenarios in the queue is also set.
A separate license is required for the Robot Trainer to build and modify existing scenarios.
3 x Wizlink® Full Robot
3 x Wizlink® BCC Connection
Trener Robotów:
1 x Wizlink® Full Robot
1 x Wizlink® BCC Connection

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