The Polish healthcare sector is interested in robots – TDZ Technika dla Zdrowia joins Wizlink partners!

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  • Post published:2021-12-15

TDZ Technika dla Zdrowia has signed a distribution agreement with First Byte, under which it is able to sell a license of Wizlink – a Polish RPA (Robotic Process Automation) class tool.

Using RPA technology in the health care sector is more effective for medical personnel. Instead of spending time copying data between different applications or data sources, medical personnel can focus on more value add activities, such as patient care.

Another advantage of using RPA tool in the medical sector is faster, cheaper and more effective data transfer between different systems. This applies to both the patient’s demographic data, their test results, medical orders or drug consumption. Software robots are perfect for data transferring to BI, HIS, CIS, PDMS, databases or other systems.

The use of RPA technology as an integration between systems used in healthcare, allows ideas to be  rapidly implemented whist working with data. More importantly, RPA is a low cost and agile way of implementing these ideas – first results can be seen within a few hours and without having any prior programming skills.

Thanks to the cooperation of both companies, the robots created in Wizlink will be able to be used in the healthcare industry and the aim is to then roll these robots out on a larger scale.

As Małgorzata Łazińska, CEO of TDZ Technika dla zdrowia sp. z o.o., states:

“The Wizlink robots will allow us to partially make our work and our systems independent of expensive integration services offered by hospital HIS providers.”

Michał Wawiórko, CEO of First Byte sp. z o.o., adds:

“There are many processes in which a robot can support a human being, regardless of the organisation and the industry size. There are more obvious areas such as accounting, logistics, as well as less obvious ones, such as healthcare.
We have been repeating for many years, the key is to find partners who are experts in narrow fields and that are aware of RPA technology. TDZ is an example of a company that meets both conditions, which is why we are glad to establish this cooperation.”

There are many examples of using this technology in the health care sector. Medical facilities have been obliged to comply with the regulations relating to the generation and storage of EDM (Electronic Medical Records) and reporting of medical events, from January 2022[1]. According to the Centrum e-Zdrowia Report[2] 89% of entities did not implement electronic services intended for other healthcare subjects. On the other hand, 68% of all surveyed entities declare that they have an IT solution that allows them to keep medical records and process individual medical data. In view of the above-mentioned survey results, it is easy to imagine a robot that sends data on medical events from the IT solution present in the facility (without modification) to an external EDM storage system.

About TDZ

The company TDZ Technika dla Zdrowia has been present in the Polish market for many years Since 2003 it has been cooperating with health care units in the field of technical and medical infrastructure maintenance.

Its offer includes IT systems aimed at optimisation functions of facilities / hospitals and enabling the maintenance of data security. In addition, TDZ provides medical equipment service and sales, as well as consulting as part of engineering contracts.

The company’s flagship product is the Electronic Anesthesia Card (EKZ), which provides automatic data recording from medical devices (i.e. anesthesia machines, cardiac monitors and ventilators). It saves time, improves the quality and consistency of the recorded data. EKZ can send data to HIS (HL7) or generate a treatment report in the form of a document with the possibility of printing. Thanks to the Electronic Anesthesia Card, it is possible to perform data analysis in a selected scope for clinical or verification reasons.

More information about TDZ:

About Wizlink

Wizlink is a Polish tool that helps companies automate routine activities such as entering or copying data between applications, filling in forms or working with documents.

Using Wizlink does not require any changes to the applications it automates. A user who creates an automation (scenario) for a robot does not interfere with the application code, its data structure or business logic. Wizlink communicates with applications through display objects, but it can also use databases, Excel spreadsheets, web services, terminal emulators, or others.

Wizlink has been designed so that through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, complex technologies are invisible to the user creating the robot. Due to the fact that you do not need to have programming knowledge, Wizlink can be used by non-technical people. It is very easy to learn and gives you the opportunity to quickly profit from automation.

Article in Polish about Wizlink and TDZ Technika dla Zdrowia partnership:


[2] Centrum e-Zdrowia „V edycja: Badanie Stopnia Informatyzacji Podmiotów Wykonujących Działalność Leczniczą” – June 2021