Wizlink is present at the HyperAutomation 2021 conference

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  • Post published:2021-01-27

We encourage you to participate in the third of a series national online conference HyperAutomation which will be held on February 23, 2021. This time it will be a special edition titled: “Technology Radar”.
The aim of the event is to present potential buyers a wide range of products in the field of hyperautomation, which are available on the Polish market.


During the conference, there will be 3 thematic streams available simultaneously:

  • Software robots (RPA),
  • Beyond RPA,
  • Chatbots / Voicebots.


Details on the website (in Polish): hiperautomatyzacja.pl.

The conference is dedicated both to companies that have been implementing hyperautomation for a long time, but also to those entities that are just beginning to be interested in this subject. The organizers invite representatives of not only large organizations, but also medium and small enterprises (SMEs) and representatives of the public sector, such as local governments or the health service.

Wizlink will have its accent in the stream of “Software robots”, during which, among others, Michał Wawiórko will talk about improvements in our tool to facilitate training of robots, and will present a new product, Wizlink BCC (Bot Control Center) – platform for managing robots work in the organization.


The person responsible for the “HiperAutomatyzacja vol. III” conference is professor at the Warsaw School of Economics, Ph.D. Andrzej Sobczak, editor-in-chief of Robonomika.pl.

The conference is being prepared by the “Ośrodek Studiów nad Cyfrowym Państwem” Foundation.

Registration for the event is available here: hiperautomatyzacja.pl/rejestracja.

The event will be held in Polish.