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  • Post published:2020-08-07

We are currently observing a lot of pressure in organizations to reduce service costs as well as to improve its quality.

Large companies are daily “flooded” with huge amounts of data that must be entered into the systems and clients must be served in accordance with standards.

Many employees on the first line of contact, daily perform thousands of repetitive operations in these companies, even before real handling of given cases appears.

To help such organizations, we have established cooperation with the Polish company ITMATICA, which specializes in understanding and processing natural language. This company focuses primarily on the Polish language, which as an inflectional language is a challenge for modern linguists and machine learning. It gives her a big competitive advantage on our local market.

Seeing market needs related to processing a large number of documents, we decided to join forces and come out with a joint offer combining Robotic Process Automation and Natural Language Processing technology. Thanks to this synergy, we are able to provide unique solutions at a very attractive price.

We prepared a presentation about the Intelligent Robot in Polish.

If you are interested in the topic, we invite you to take advantage of free consultations during which:

  • You will learn case-study;
  • You will learn about potential paths to solve the problem of handling large amounts of documents;
  • You will find out if the Intelligent Robot is for you and your company.

After completing the form, we will contact you and agree on a convenient date for the meeting.
Łukasz and Michał will gladly answer all your questions 🙂

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