Wizlink present at the European Economic Congress as a part of LEGALTECH CORNER

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  • Post published:2020-09-24

The next edition of the European Economic Congress, which took place from 2nd to 4th September 2020 in Katowice is behind us. This time the event was held in slightly different circumstances due to the requirement of the new safety rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The European Economic Congress is one of the largest economic meetings in Central Europe. This event is an opportunity to exchange of experiences, opinions and knowledge about the Polish and European economy as well as the economic, social and technological conditions for its development.


Wizlink representatives were also present at the event. Together with team members of Umownik and Ultima Ratio, we created a joint stand called “LEGALTECH CORNER”. We presented the combination of new technologies and services in practice giving the example of the legal industry.


During the second day of this event, there was a lecture “Legaltech – you were never supposed to know that about lawyers. We are releasing comfortable and inexpensive legaltech products, that have changed the entrepreneurs’ approach to applying the law”. Robert Szczepanek – Co-founder of Ultima Ratio, Michał Wawiórko – CEO at Wizlink and Bartłomiej Majchrzak – CMO, Member of the Management Board at LawBiz Technology, discussed about modern legal technology solutions.

The speakers discussed the use of new technologies giving the example of the legal industry. Among the discussed  issues during the panel, there were topics such as:

  • Conducting online disputes,
  • Concluding and negotiating contracts remotely,
  • Commissioning boring and repetitive activities to the robot.

The retransmission of the debate with English translation is available here: https://www.eecpoland.eu/2020/en/panel/4144.html#speakers
The debate starts from 45:00 of the recording.



The joint undertaking of Wizlink, Umownik and Ultima Ratio was also mentioned in the WNP article. In the article you can read, among others that: “Umownik and Ultima Ratio use Wizlink to fully integrate both tools. At the same time, their clients can use Wizlink to automate processes also outside of these applications.”

Full article in Polish is available here: https://www.wnp.pl/tech/polski-legaltech-laczy-sily-automatyzacja-procesow-w-firmie-jest-jeszcze-prostsza,415666.html.