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What are software pre requirements for Wizlink®?

Net Framework in minimum 4.7.2.

What are minimum hardware requirements for Wizlink®?

In our lab Wizlink® was tested on old PC, manufactured in previous century (HP Kayak XU, 550MHz/512 MB RAM, Windows XP). It used to run Wizlink Runtime without degrading applications performance, although Wizlink Designer needs more powerful hardware (dual core 2GHz & 2GB RAM is enough).

Can You describe installation process?

There is no installation for Wizlink Designer and Runtime. All You need is to unzip Wizlink and You can start creating you robots.

What kind of user permissions does Wizlink® require?

Basically Wizlink® needs the same permissions as user who does the same job.

What kind of applications can Wizlink® robotized?

Wizlink® can robotize MS Windows apps, web applications, Citrix remote apps, IBM mainframe, UNIX servers, IBM i-series (AS/400) and MS-DOS.

Writing Wizlink® workflows require some knowledge. Can you describe prerequisites and training path for Wizlink® programmers?

Programming skills are not required to design a Wizlink® workflow. We have named this role “Wizlink® Robot Trainer”. The prerequisites are: good knowledge of Client applications screens, understanding the business processes and computer literacy sufficient to use Excel. Creating Wizlink® workflow does not include typing commands. There is a flowchart-oriented graphical editor based on drag-and-drop approach complemented with point-and-click. The only thing which has to be typed are expressions, similar to that entered into Excel cells. From our experience two days of training is enough, if after followed by self practicing.

When it comes to web applications, which browsers and versions are supported?

Google Chrome, MS Edge, Opera, FireFox. This allows to connect web applications and fat client applications. Our software maintenance process provides compatibility with a few recent versions.