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First Byte Sp z o.o. is a company providing consulting services in the field of optimization and efficiency of IT processes, management of company infrastructure and implementation of effective solutions that support the functioning of key organizational divisions in the company.

Wizlink is a solution that has overtaken time. When its first version was created, the concept of Robotic Process Automation did not exist yet. Google Trends indicates that this term began to function in the public domain until mid-2015.

Wizlink is the first Polish tool of the Robotic Process Automation class for business users, not programmers (the so-called zero-code). Simple and intuitive to use, it allows you to implement and profit from robotization in a few days, not months.

For someone who has worked with RPA tools from global players so far, it’s hard to believe that creating scenarios for software robots can be simple, fast and inexpensive. With Wizlink you do not need to know the code or data structures (the so-called zero-code). The interface is friendly and intuitive (so-called drag-and-drop simplicity). The implementation is very fast (several days, not months). License costs are not high. Wizlink shortens work time, eliminates errors, increases efficiency, adapts to the individual needs of the employee. It does not require any changes on the side of business applications that are subject to robotization. That’s why Wizlink can also be used as an alternative to complicated and expensive integration between different systems. With the help of Wizlink, you can modify existing processes or create new ones without modifying the basic system. It is particularly important in the context of optimizing the so-called digital debt and expectations related to the immediate implementation of changes.

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