Summary of summer training sessions as part of #MyFirstRobot2019 campaign

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  • Post published:2019-08-23

Holidays are not only a time of rest. For 23 strangers, and for us, it was a time of unique experience. We conducted 3 workshops, during which each participant created their first robot in our tool – Wizlink.

The trainings were attended by people from various companies and with different experience and area of interest. There were representatives of corporations and several local companies from various parts of Poland. They were mainly business users (including owners), but there were technical users as well. We were also honored by a representative of the public administration in the person of the city’s vice-president! The diversity of participants was important case for us and this goal has been achieved.

For our team, it was primarily a test whether Wizlink is really intuitive enough for anyone to use it.

It’s best to learn new things through practice. We proposed a scenario in which the robot verifies whether the entity is an active VAT payer.

The scenario was as follows:

  • Downloading messages from the e-mail box and saving the attachment, which is an Excel file with the NIP number list
  • Opening the Excel file
  • Entering the relevant website of the Ministry of Finance
  • Entering NIP numbers one by one from a file
  • Savinng in Excel feedback whether the given entity is an active VAT payer or not
  • Sending the completed Excel file to the indicated e-mail address

The result surprised us! Almost all participants had a robot created at the end of the day! Just one person out of 23 did not make the scenario because she was sent to our training by her husband, who did not announce what this would be about 🙂

As part of the training, participants received a trial licence of our tool so that they could test it in their organizations. As a result, we are in contact with several entities that are interested in implementing the robot at home or in starting a partnership.

We would like to thank all participants of this training, especially for their commitment and feedback on Wizlink itself!






We are also planning further same formula trainings in October and November. In addition, we will be present at several industry events, where we also show our tool and its practical use. We have planned conducting closed training focused on specific processes and applications.

#MyFirstRobot2019 campaign lasts until the end of the year.

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