Archivio builds competencies related to robots.

Published: 09.10.2019

On October 1 in Warsaw, Archivio signed a distribution agreement with First Byte, under which it received the possibility of selling a Wizlink license – a Polish tool for creating software robots.


We have been analyzing the use of Robotic Process Automation technology as a supplement to our offer for a long time. We decided to work with a local technology provider, First Byte, whose flexible and simple Wizlink tool is able to replace traditional and often expensive methods of system integration. The rightness of this decision was confirmed by the fact that after a day of training, one of our employees started creating the first robots! For our clients, the use of RPA technology is primarily a reduction in operating costs and increasing quality through the so-called Intelligent Automation, i.e. a combination of OCR and RPA technologies.” – says Agnieszka Szymczak, CEO of Archivio Sp. z o.o.


For us, acquiring a partner such as Archivio is a great success, which confirms the trend that robotization will be an extension of other products or services available on the market. Archivio, as one of the few companies with an established position and being an expert in digitization of documents, noticed in RPA technology an innovative and natural supplement to its offer. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to fruitful cooperation” – says Michał Wawiórko, CEO of First Byte Sp. z o.o


Archivio has been operating on the Polish market since 2003 and was founded on the basis of Polish capital and the potential of Polish specialists, technicians and managers. For over 16 years he has been providing comprehensive documentation management services.



The essence of Archivio’s services is to improve the client’s business processes by replacing paper documentation with electronic documentation, including scanning and recognizing information from document images (OCR) using the proprietary eReader24 system. For example, the company handles the financial and accounting documentation of clients in the processing of paper and electronic documents in order to create data to feed external accounting systems (eg SAP). The scope of these services also includes paper and electronic archiving – eArchivio24. The company also offers the service of accepting e-invoices and e-documents from accounting systems, their distribution and storage in accordance with legal requirements, providing issuers and e-document recipients with a dedicated and secure internet platform – Invo24.

More information about Archivo:


Wizlink is a Polish tool that helps companies automate routine activities, such as entering or copying data between applications, filling in forms or working with documents.


Using Wizlink does not require any changes to the applications it robots. The user who creates the scenario for the robot does not interfere with the application code, its data structure or business logic. Wizlink communicates with applications through display objects, but it can also use databases, Excel spreadsheets, web services, text terminals or others. All in one scenario.

Wizlink has been designed so that through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, complex technologies are invisible to the user creating the robot. Due to the fact that no programming knowledge is required, it can be used by business user. It is very easy to learn and gives you the opportunity to profit quickly from robotization.

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