First Byte signed a memorandum of understanding with the InSpatium Foundation


On October 13, 2020, First Byte signed a memorandum of understanding with the InSpatium Foundation for the Promotion of Remote Work. For us it is another important step in the dissemination of robotic process automation technology. Thanks to this, we have an opportunity to introduce robots to the wider professional market. Thus we can support the development of competences and breaking down barriers in searching for their own career path by the certain groups of people.


The InSpatium Foundation for the Promotion of Remote Work promotes tools and solutions for professional activation through remote work of various social groups as:

  • people with disabilities;
  • jobseekers from regions threatened with unemployment;
  • parents during and after maternity and parental leaves;
  • any other people who, for various reasons, are looking for employment in the form of remote work.

InSpatium analyzes the needs of employers and conducts research on trends related to work remotely, which translates to promote specific professional specialization:

  • Marketing, sales and customer service;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • Remote support for artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

We believe that the current labor market is changing radically. We help people most exposed to exclusion to acquire new competences that are currently needed in the economy.” – said Bartłomiej Bańkowski, Member of the Council of the InSpatium Foundation.


The cooperation will be implemented through:

  1. Joint promotional, marketing and information campaigns.
  2. Conducting research on the phenomenon of process automation among companies in the SME segment in Poland.
  3. Training by InSpatium with the support of First Byte of professionally excluded people in order to increase their competences on the labor market with skills related to the supervision of RPA processes.


We are glad that we can participate not only in promoting RPA technology, but above all in supporting the professional development of various social groups.

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