Webinar “Lean Office and Robots – On the road to excellence.”



We invite you to participate in the free webinar “Lean Office and Robots – On the road to excellence.” which will be held on November 26 at 11:00.

Webinar Agenda

  • Is it time for lean or maybe already for robots?
  • Revealing the true potential of teams and the process.
  • Stabilization and standardization of activities.
  • Robotization of standardized tasks.
  • Questions from the audience.

Prowadzący: Bartosz Janiuk from Koło Inżynierów WSB Opole.

Wojciech Kozioł

Grzegorz Kuszneruk


Michał Wawiórko

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You can register here ClickMeeting: wizlink.clickmeeting.com/lean-office-i-roboty-w-drodze-do-doskonalosci-/register .

The webinar will be held in Polish. Participation is free.

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